Kriss Velasco - Pastry Chef
K&O's Nocciolata

Do you love Nutella? Here are some of the reasons why you should never eat it again - ever.
  • It contains PALM OIL: "Palm oil production is linked to the destruction of Southeast Asia's remaining rainforests, human
  • rights abuses, and to peat and forest fires" in addition to being very harmful to your health. The content of palm oil in Nutella is about 15% of its total composition, one tablespoon of palm oil has 120 calories and 13.6 grams of fat. Because the palm oil
  • used in Nutella is processed, its contents of saturated fat are very high and studies have shown to increase blood cholesterol. Not to mention that palm oil is a GMO.                                                                                                                               Please read more about palm oil and how it can affect your health and our planet in the following websites:
  • It's made up of 55% SUGAR
  • Contains VANILLIN: This is not vanilla or vanilla extract such as you use at home. Most of the synthetic vanillin comes from various processes using guaiacol. It is derived from wood creosote. To get the vanilla flavor, the guaiacol is mixed with glyoxylic acid by electrophilic aromatic substitution. The mixture turns into vanillylmandelic acid and eventually converts into vanillin. The worst part of vanillin is that it contains unlabeled MSG. MSG has been proven to act as an excitotoxin which stimulates the reward system of the brain, so we think it tastes better (than it actually does) and consequently consume more.  

So, what's a healthier alternative?

K&O's Nocciolata is an all natural hazelnut spread. After many tests and modifications, we came up with just the right recipe that would balance tasty and healthy in the same product. Our main ingredient is roasted hazelnuts, which is accompanied by single origin chocolate, cocoa powder, raw organic coconut oil, sugar, cocoa butter and skim milk. We take pride in using only ingredients that are good for you and for our mother earth, and keep our recipes simple and delicious.

K&O's Nocciolata comes in different sizes: 1oz mini jars, 4 oz and 8 oz jars. Not only is it a delectable addition to your breakfast or snack, our Nocciolata makes amazing corporate gifts, party favors, etc. Contact us about customizing and about order details.

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